Speed: 3
Running 6"
Swimming 2"
Jumping 2" / 1"
Perception: (+2)
Listen 13-
Search 13-
Spot 13-

Dark Vision
Presence: 8 (+0)
presence-based skills
Fighter35 Base
75 Disads
0 XP
Role: Shock TroopStrengths: Natural Armor (3 rPD/ 3 rED)
Resistance to petrification (+5 Body)
Languages: Common


DCV: 5
no combat levels
ECV: 4PD: 7 / 3 rED: 7 / 3 r
6Born of Stone and Cannot Return: +5 Body; no figured characteristics; conditional power (only against petrification)0
17Annoyingly Hard to Kill: Life support (immunity: all terrestrial diseases; immunity: biowarfare agents; immunity: to heat; longevity)0


OCV: 5
no combat levels
ECV: 4
5Dazing Blow: 1d6 Hand-to-Hand Attack; only for purposes of stunning; does no damage; cumulative with strength-based attacks; no normal defense (PD above base attack); reduced END: 0 END0
6Feral Bite: 1/2d6 Hand Killing Attack; semi-armor piercing; no STR bonus1
11Feral Claws: 1/2d6 Hand Killing Attack; autofire: 2 shots; semi-armor piercing1 (2)


It is clearly a troll at heart — the long limbs with knotted muscles, three-toed feet, pendulous nose and stooped posture see to that. But in miniature: only a little over three feet tall. But youth could explain that. A troll, and yet… not a troll. The bone structure is heavier than that for a troll, and the mouth too big — almost snout-like, with huge, spike-like teeth in interlocked pattern. The canines are almost tusklike; the lower jaw, heavy and slightly protruding. While muddy brown is not unheard-of as a skin tone for trolls (olive green is more typical), trolls do NOT have scales… and THIS troll is lacking the normal writhing mass of short hair on its head, and instead sports a crest, starting at its forhead as white, darkening to red on top of its head where it is most prominent, then black at the shoulders, merging to blue down the back and finally green where the crest disappears, merging into the short, stubby… tail? And those claws! Trolls have claws, certainly. But never like THAT! And what in the world are those lumps on its back at each shoulder? Its large eyes are jet-black, with neither iris nor pupil, making it difficult to tell what it is looking at. Clearly male; otherwise, it is naked.


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