Cast of Characters

The Angels Those Who Rule Those Who Pray Those Who Tend
Those Who Teach Those Who Sell Those Who Toil Those Who Travel

The Angels

Fulgetras, Angel of Lightning
Ignas, Angel of Fire
Imagus, Angel of Reflections
Lumas, Angel of Light
Lunas, Angel of Moon
Scintillas, Angel of Sparks
Solas, Angel of Sun
Stellas, Angel of Stars

Those Who Rule

The Knight Rodrick ap Glaveken

  • Squire Edward Rolland (the discarded boy)
    • Body Servant
  • Squire …
  • Page
  • Page

The Mayor

The Counselors

The Justice

Those Who Pray

Priests of Ignas

Priests of Solas

  • Neophyte Apolonis

Those Who Tend

Druids of the Grove

Those Who Teach

The Wizard College

The War College

  • The Generals

The Great Library

  • The Librarian
  • The Sage
  • The Bard

Those Who Sell

The Brewers

The Baker

The Candlestick Maker

The Soap Maker

Those Who Toil

The Hereditary Chain-Gang

The Serfs

Those Who Travel

The Barge Crews

The Ferry Teams

Cast of Characters

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