Single Life

“Who are you going to bond with?” Squire Zachary asked.

Squire Edward Rolland stupidly shook his head. Everything seemed so very different on this edge of the world. “I’m betrothed.”

Zachary laughed with that dark, haunted grunt of his. “Nay. Not like that. It’s just for the year. You pick one this year. Pick one next year. And when Father of Edward sends for you, you need only wait a few months before doing your Family Duty and complete the arranged marriage. Besides, my sisters want to dance with you.”

He felt his throat close up. “Which one?”

“All of them.”

Edward quickly scanned the gathering with men wearing tunics barely laced at the belt and women in bustiers showing far more than throat. This Celebration of Lunas held many similarities as the ones of his youth at home but tilted into the really strange. Four … five … six, he counted. Only the youngest of his sisters … Snow, who is three … isn’t here.

“Remember, the point of the dance is to determine who you want to bond with. Remember, you only have until the fullness of Lunas reaches His Zenith to decide. So, you need to get out there and start dancing.”

And, then Edward found himself propelled into Kaelo who walked beside Zachary’s twin (Zeph). And true to form, his tongue twisted itself into knots and attempted to stuff itself down his throat. Not for any of the reasons people would think. There was something different about Kaelo, and by that, he meant surrounded her. She carried something that was neither light nor law. Her aura whispered that she knew secrets. And in the end, it was this otherness that scattered his thoughts, garbled his tongue, and twined his limbs together.

Of course, Kaelo was the eldest sister to Zachary and Zeph. The one who would inherit all the land and money of the wealthy family.

“Come, Edward, I know you can dance. I have seen it. Untangle your fingers and take my hands. You needn’t talk… just dance…” Kaelo smiles gently, placing her hand on Edward’s arm, and waits for him to lead her to the dance floor.

Single Life

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