The Breweries

Due to one of the many laws of the king, brewing ale for sale is limited to only Master Brewers. Apprentices are allowed to experiment and taste test their own. Journeymen are allowed to brew for themselves, their families, and offer their own ale at parties they host and attend.

Within Granordhail there are two breweries:

The Outrageous Angel is the brewery in and for the The Outrageous Angel Tavern and Inn. They sell Weak Ale (1 pent / gallon), House Ale (3 pents / gallon), Strong Ale (6 pents / gallon), and their Seasonal Ale (Spring Ale 4 pents / gallon). While rumors claim they brew other special ales, none such appear on the lists. Like most brewers, The Outrageous Angel sprouts, dries, and roasts their own grains in the attic of the brewery. The Master Brewer is Augusta Brewer a’ Baldassare ap Baldassare.

The Preacher’s Pitcher is the Dwarven brewery located dockside. They sell Weak Ale (1 pent / gallon), Horse Ale (3 pents / gallon), Mule Ale (5 pents / gallon), Nagging Wife (7 pents / gallon), and Dwarven Ale (9 pents / gallon) — each named for how much of a “kick” the ale has. While buyers are allowed to drink the ale in the drinking hall, they don’t offer per mug prices. The Master Brewer is Nerre Brewer a’ Spiritslayer ap Spiritslayer.

The Breweries

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