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A Generation Ago…

The Armies of Light burned their way across the plains and through the village of Grandordhail in their search for the last temple of evil. Two of the stern Angels of Light ( Ignas and Solas ) settled upon the plains and raised the foundations of their churches. But, a new Angel (Scintillas) thwarted their plans to purge the land of the druids. The then infant Knight, Rodrick ap Glaveken took over for his fallen father to preside over a land torn by the war and still rich with trade.

The Village at the End of the Road…

Grandordhail is the village where The Road from the Capital ends against the Caernach River. Down the river is the city of VerdeCaern and up the river is the city of FrigiCaern. Between the two cities are dozens of shallows where the farmers load their harvests onto flat bottomed barges to go up or down the river. About halfway between is The Road along which taxes and tithes travel to the capital and the great temples of the Angels of Light. Beyond the watch towers built by the Knight, Rodrick ap Glaveken and just beyond his borders, The Road turns to a muddy rut (sometimes dried into a baked brick) and is quickly swallowed by the endless waves of grasses which are taller than a man can reach. And yet, beyond the vast, perhaps endless sea, of grasses, is the King, the Capital, the Angels, and their temples – somewhere at the other end of the world.

The Apprenticeships

Current Chronicle

The Night Caravan

Character Stories

The Celebration of Lunas

Rafferty has discovered there is one more requirement to becoming an apprentice; he must find a familiar. Squire Edward Rolland has gathered a small team together to find the perfect familiar.

Things begin to look up when they stumble upon the smoldering remains of a caravan laden with cages and chains, spoiled ale and rotting meat, and a baby troll ( Theodrax ) in a cage. Dozens of burned bodies foul the hollow where the caravan had made camp – far more bodies than are needed for a simple caravan.

Rafferty begins to bind his chosen familiar to him; Kaelo ap Heather scouts the perimeter; and Apolonis begins the process of laying the dead to rest.

And when one of the bodies bursts into black flames, Apolonis runs off in a panic; Kaelo discovers oversized footprints hidden in the tall surrounding grasses; and Rafferty discovers that he must save his familiar as the caravan’s cargo begins vanishing in violent jets of flames.

Has evil returned, plying its terrible trades – slavery and monsters? Long ago the Dwarves escaped the clutches of the giants; do giants really walk the surface world once again? What is a Night Caravan? And, most importantly, how long until the flames of war once more spread across the plains and devour their home – the village of Granordhail?

Help write the story…

On the Eve of Elembivios, the cultures of Light celebrate the Angel Lunas and the return of life to the world after the long winter. As with all things, the village of Granordhail straddles the line between Light and Dark during this celebration. In the village, all old vows are broken and new vows are forged under the light of Lunas. And those new vows include renewal of feudal obligations and duties, apprenticeship contracts, and taking a mate for the year. Everyone is expected to wear or carry something old, something new, something blue, and to speak true for the day.

Squire Edward Rolland

The young bastard son of a landless knight discovers he has new obligations this year: the taking of a mate as proof of his physical prowess and his ability to be a knight. And, the wealthy innkeeper wants his future title for her daughter.

Kaelo ap Heather

Her mother has wealth: land and money. What the family is missing are the titles that really set one apart from the rest. And, Squire Edward is the most available target for advancement.


The wizards are preparing to chose their apprentices for the year. All he has to do is convince them to pick him over all the rest of the applicants while dodging the political pitfalls that come from being more talented.

Help write the story…

Lords of Light!

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